Steps of a Strategic Government Procurement

22 Oct

The the process involves acquiring goods and services from different suppliers at the best price. Business owners are supposed to know the process of procurement in case they want their business to prosper. For a business operation to prosper, they must know certain procurement process. Procurement should be a wide process which involves every department in the business. It needs constant analysis and monitoring by the person requesting for the quotation. Some of them include the open tender, prequalified tender and the limited tender option and how to bid on government contracts.

You should first review the requirements before looking for the government contract jobs. The purpose of doing analysis and doing a benchmark of the current performance is to help you in adopting the right procurement procedure. The product being assessed can be a new one for the business or even an old one that needs to be reordered. If the company needs specific requirement from the goods they are ordering then they need to be up to date on those orders and requirements to avoid future regrets.

Vendor selection is one of the most significant steps in the procurement cycle. Apart from delivering quality goods and services the vendor should at least have a good reputation. Companies should look at the government contract website and select a vendor who can cater for all their needs. You can also develop a list of vendors that offer the goods your business needs. A vendor inability to meet the selection criteria can result in serious losses for the organization.

Before you start to request for quotation, you first need an internal approval from the highest authority in your company. The purchase order will specify the goods and services being ordered as well as their prices. The purchase order will be issued by a buyer to the manufacturer and it indicates the goods and services that both parties agreed on. The seller will, therefore, deliver the goods prior to the agreed payment. It will confirm the sales and the date when payment is due.

Payment should be made in form of cash and at the time frame that both parties agreed on. The final process involves maintaining an audit just in case you need to do an audit. If a procurement process is done in the correct and required order, then you can be assured of the best results. The procurement process will ensure you pay the best prices for the products you want and also save you a lot of time. It is essential to carry out a thorough tender evaluation in a more structured and disciplined manner. Once the supplier has been selected, he/she should be given the tender to supply the goods needed. Check here now what is RFQ.

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